The Lego Movie Review

As the title song says, "Everything is Awesome" and this superb gathering of the best known Lego figures in one fantastic movie certainly proves it. We really did not know what to expect when we went to view this movie but we were pleasantly surprised and pleased with what we saw. Here we take a look at the Lego Movie and give our verdict!

The Story

The story throughout the Lego Movie is very imaginative and involves our hero Emmett who is a none discript, every day, run of the mill Lego character with a heart of gold who spends his time doing everyday things that he never seems to tire of. The introductory scene in the movie shows Emmett going through the motions of getting up, eating breakfast, travelling to work and enjoying his mundane job to the extreme!

Emmett is one happy chappy with his lot and does indeed think his life is awesome. This is where the title song, Everything is Awesome, plays its part as Emmett sings along confirming that everything certainly is awesome in his happy little world. Now enters Lucy to the story, Emmett's assistant in his quest and love interest. Lucy mistakes Emmett for the "saviour of the universe", as it was fortold the saviour would discover a certain piece of Lego, which Emmett does therefore Lucy sees it as her duty to help him.

These two characters then go on an journey of epic proportions in order to defeat President Business, who is the baddie of the story, as he intends to glue together Lego world for his own evil purposes. Many great characters are involved in Emmetts quest including Superman, Batman, Robin, C3PO, Hans Solo and Gandalf of Lord of The Rings fame, while Bad Cop played superbly by Liam Neeson has an alter ego, thats is Good Cop and he can't make his mind up which is the more dominant of his character.

We wont spoil your enjoyment by telling you if Emmett succeeds in saving Lego universe or what happens in the final fifteen minutes of this fantastic epic but suffice it to say that the whole movie is one huge swashbuckling romp from start to finish that you and your kids will love.

Our Take

We really did not know what to expect from this movie and I have to say we adults entered the theatre expecting to be rather bored. Nothing could be more from the truth! The story was great and had a very imaginative ending that we really didn't expect, while some of the dialogue was hilarious and most likely went over the heads of younger children. The music and soundtrack was dare we say awesome with some fantastic tunes and hits from the past, while visually the film is a masterpiece, as we expected, with Phil Lord  being involved.

Just one thing we should mention is that we accompanied a four year old boy to see the movie and he loved it until the final fifteen minutes. Without giving anything away, in his eyes Emmett and the Lego universe are real therefore the films ending upset him somewhat and we found it difficult to explain to him what the ending meant. Other than that we think most children will adore this movie especially if they are into Lego!


Emmett                              Chris Pratt

Lucy                                  Elizabeth Banks

Batman                             Will Arnett

C 3PO                               Anthony Daniels

President Business           Will Ferrell

Vitruvius                            Morgan Freeman

Bad Cop/Good Cop           Liam Neeson

Superman                         Channing Tatum